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Unifying physical security with digital infrastructure

The Advanced Solutions Physical and Managed Surveillance practice specializes in the deployment and management of security surveillance networks, ranging from a small one location site to national deployment with hundreds of cameras spread across the country.

Surveillance is a requirement for the management of physical assets, and more critical for the safety of your most important investment: your employees. The Advance Solutions Managed Surveillance follows the principles of the four Rs: Reliability, Retention, Recognition, and Reporting.


Advanced Solutions takes a methodical approach the design and deployment of surveillance systems to ensure optimum reliability. Cameras and other devices with old software become outdated, unreliable and can even become a security vulnerability if they are left un-patched with new software releases. Advanced Solutions manages devices remotely and are maintained with the latest software patches and updates available.


Advanced Solutions is able to manage video storage hosted on-prem or virtually in the cloud. Our system allows for unlimited storage as well as advance searching, indexing and retrieval of critical video content. Your ability to quickly retrieve video based on date, time, location, and camera is a critical requirement for today’s market.


In the past, monitoring live camera feeds required dedicated personnel, which can be burdensome if you have a large facility or multi-site deployment. Even for relatively small deployments, the cost of staffing dedicated resources can be prohibitive. Advanced Solutions provides behavioral analysis at the surveillance device level that intelligently identifies threats.

Facial Recognition software that allows the system to automatically cross reference multiple watch-lists to detect persons of interest who are also listed on government agencies’ watch list and automatically alert the security personal when a match is found.

Analytics & Reporting

As with every large system deployed in an organization, there is no shortage of meta-data and information available from the system. Advanaced Solutions Managed Surveillance is able to analyze critical information such as up-time and performance data, as well as analytical information for incident prevention and predictive analytics.

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Advanced Solutions is a Managed Service Provider offering enterprise-class IT management and optimization solutions from a state-of-art network operations center in Dallas, TX.

Advanced Solutions empowers businesses, providing the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve optimum use of technology toward the achievement of goals.

Advanced Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GDT, an award-winning technology integrator and Cisco Gold Partner.

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