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Reduce your IT spend, staffing, and risk exposure while accelerating outcomes

Advanced Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of managed services to help your business move beyond low value time-consuming tasks and focus on what really matters to your business.

Advanced Solutions will extend the abilities of your IT teams through automation and our team of highly-skilled engineering resources. We transform IT operations making them more responsive, agile, and less labor intensive.

We automate your operations

Leverage the power of digital labor to transform your IT operations. By automating business process and eliminating human intervention, you can drastically reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and the staffing costs associated with managing tedious, repetitive tasks.

If you can whiteboard a process, we can automate it, from managing and resolving your IT tickets to improving your order-to-revenue cycles and service activation flows.

Turnkey operations monitoring & management

Our core managed service offering includes 24x7x365 monitoring and management services that align with ITIL elements helping you optimize your operations. These services transcend the simple break-fix model to proactively provide the information the you need – anticipating change and reducing risk.

Service Levels

Advanced Solutions offers multi-tiered service levels to accommodate your company’s individual needs. From basic service desk support to fully proactive monitoring and management, Advanced Solutions provides solutions custom-tailored for every customer.

Service Desk
Incident Management
Vendor Management
Alert Management
Availability Monitoring
Problem Management
Change Management
Capacity Management
Release Management
Product Life Cycle Management
Digital Labor and Autonomics


The Advanced Solutions Advantage

Advanced Solutions helps you grow your revenues without worrying about increased IT costs. Autonomics can easily scale without the need for additional staff

Improve the reliability of your IT Ops, especially if you have a significant amount of manual, repetitive processes that are prone to human error

Cost Savings:
Digital labor is significantly cheaper than both onshore and offshore cost models. Advanced Solutions autonomics will streamline your workforce, not replace it, allowing for more focused, strategic utilization of your resources

Employee Satisfaction:
Once repetitive tasks are automated by digital labor, your human workforce is free to take on more complex and satisfying IT challenges

NOC Services:
Advanced Solutions NOC engineers stand ready 24x7x365 in our state-of-the-art facilities to deliver intelligent actions. Our NOC engineers hold CCIE certifications and our services are e-bonded with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and backed by the highest-level of Cisco Smart

E-bonding with Cisco TAC:
GDT is one of a handful of Cisco partners to e-bond with their technical assistance center (TAC). As a Advanced Solutions customer, you’ll  benefit from faster and easier resolution as well as personal support provided by NOC engineers who know you and your environment. The AS to Cisco TAC escalation reduces MTTR by over 20%

Managed Services Portal:
The Advanced Solutions managed services portal gives clients a world class monitoring tool with access to system performance data, IT and Executive Dashboards, Ticket Details and Ticket History, as well as live performance data

Advance your IT with Advanced Solutions

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Advanced Solutions is a Managed Service Provider offering enterprise-class IT management and optimization solutions from a state-of-art network operations center in Dallas, TX.

Advanced Solutions empowers businesses, providing the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve optimum use of technology toward the achievement of goals.

Advanced Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GDT, an award-winning technology integrator and Cisco Gold Partner.

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